Codes of Transition
Codes of Transition


"Thank you. Will never forget the feeling of activation on the day I discovered your cards. So glad I came back 2 days later to purchase. They have become a powerful healing tool for me. Just love them. I highly recommend them. They are full of so much love. Xxx Thank you. Xxx"
Lisa, Gold Coast Queensland

12 Light Language Cards and Lightbook

The Codes of Transition are a unique set of light language tools that allow assistance from our Guides, the Angels, Archangel and the Divine to be brought lovingly through.

The 12 Light Language Codes, are an intuitive set of Cards.
Spiritual Cards They hold energy or frequency and are connected and work through the heart chakra. They are an important healing tool that opens our awareness allowing us to remember who we are and where we have come from.
They lovingly support and nurture us as we open to the path of our enlightenment. They bring clarity and understanding, grace and ease to all situation in our life.

The energetic clearings that occur can be quite profound; as the Codes work at a deeply spiritual level to clear unresolved issues held in our energy bodies. Bringing them gently forward so that they may be cleared and released. Allowing our journey through this life to be one filled with immense love and light.

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