Codes of Transition
Codes of Transition


"I would like to thank you Kateea for having the courage to bring these cards to light. I was attracted to your first set but it was not until you had brought through the Divine Light cards that I knew it was time for me to get some. I work as a Body Medical Intuitive and Energy Translator to lift my clients' Lightbodies into higher frequencies and your cards are really helping.

I feel their vibration and they call to me to assist and support me and my clients in my work with energy. The bodies are really crying out for help into transitioning into the new frequencies on earth and your cards are a beautiful healing tool for this. It takes a lot of bravery to follow your guidance and take leaps of faith and I really understand this and thank you profusely for doing this work and bringing these symbols into the world."
With Kindness and In Light - Naveen, Sunshine Coast


Spiritual Cards The Codes of Divine Light are the 2nd set of high vibrational, channelled, light language cards.

They are here to assist us to clear blocked energies at a truly deep level allowing us to easily move forward on our spiritual journey and assisting us to fulfil our greatest potential.

They activate deeply on so many levels, activating chakras in the energy bodies and physical body.

They are here to assist with humanities expanding consciousness, working deeply on all levels of the heart as they are multidimensional vortexes of light and power.

You can purchase the Codes of Divine Light online here or click here for store locations.