Codes of Transition
Codes of Transition

I have been a Lightworker for many years, happily following my inner guidance through the ups and downs of life’s journey. When in a very short space of time, two dear family friends were dying and in very different circumstances; one didn’t want to die and the other was desperate to. I felt that there must be something I could do. Something which could help ease the anxiety for one and allow the other a gentle passage to their next great adventure as they returned home.

Spiritual Cards And so the Codes of Transition, a spiritual cards set, were born!
The process has been very slow and at times painful over the years, just like a real birth. But as I experienced new things in my life, gained valuable knowledge and successfully completed unknown initiations, a new code would reveal itself to me. Sometimes in the strangest of places, like on the massage table while enjoying a soothing massage, or in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

However the Codes of Transition had other plans for me, they are not just here to assist those who are leaving, for we are all in a state of Transition! As we move from one area or learning in our life to another we gain knowledge and experience. So we are also Transitioning into the next phase or area of our life. The Codes of Transition a spiritual cards set are here to help us at all stages of our life.

I have always known they are a great blessing for the Earth, and I am truly humbled to have been able to bring them through, with the help of many Spiritual Beings. It’s now a journey of Faith... really a great big leap of Faith as I send them out into the world on a journey of their own.

I have created a high vibrational spray called the Harmony Spritzer, with the intention of bringing our energy bodies back into alignment, opening our chakras and creating a sacred space for us to work in. The Harmony Spritzer is made with high vibrational essential oils.

To complement the 12 spiritual cards set, I have carefully selected crystals that enhance the Codes of Transition. They come in two specific packs The Transitional Crystals and the Comfort Crystals.

I dearly hope you find love, peace and grace from each and every one of them as they gently guide you through the ultimate journey and greatest adventure.

Blessings be to you and your loved ones.
R’hishana Kateea Sheehan
Spiritual Cards Set Creator