Codes of Transition
Codes of Transition

Join me on a 6 week journey through meditation as we connect with the Light Language cards, the Codes of Transition.

Work with two Codes of Transition each class, through meditation, visualisation and awareness, to assist us to open our awareness, expand our consciousness and allow for a deeper connection with our Divine Presence.

Then, connect over a coffee as a group to share our experiences.

Codes of Transition

The Codes of Transition are high vibrational light language cards that hold frequency or energy.
The 12 Codes, are an intuitive set of cards connecting and work through the heart chakra.
They are an important healing tool that opens our awareness allowing us to remember who we are and where we have come from.
They lovingly support and nurture us as we open to the path of our enlightenment.
They bring clarity and understanding, grace and ease to all situation in our life. The energetic clearings that occur can be quite profound; as the Codes work at a deeply spiritual level to clear unresolved issues held in our energy bodies. Bringing them gently forward so that they may be cleared and released. Allowing our journey through this life to be one filled with immense love and light.

Codes of Transition

Start your New Year on a positive and high vibe by experiencing the channeled meditations for the Codes of Transition in Coffee and Codes.
First group for 2019 on 31st January - 10am-12pm
Contact me on 0437 287 703 or via email for all the details including the address. Classes can be joined at any time.

Investment $20 per class (+$20 on the first night for the Codes of Transition pack which is needed for all meditations)

Bring a Friend - and you both receive $5 off your first meditation class.
It's so much nicer when we share great new experience.