Codes of Transition
Codes of Transition

Welcome to the Codes of Transition's page and thanks so much for joining me here.

I am so very honoured to bring these channel Light Language Codes down through my energy bodies, bringing them into the Light upon Earth.

These beautiful and high frequency Codes are loving held within the Crystalline Light Temples in the Sirius Star Systems and are a great gift to Humanity at this time of evolution and expansion. They hold Keys to unlock the many gateways and portals held within our expansive heart chakra, assisting us to release and expand our consciousness in a gentle and compassionate way. Assisting us as we move through our planets ascension, so that we are able to fully stand in the power and light of who we truly are.

I have now channelled 2 sets of Light Language cards

Codes of Transition

Each set hold a unique frequency and vibration which can be deeply felt within our physical bodies, assisting in transforming every aspect of our lives.

“The energy from the Cards is palpable” - V. North Queensland

Have you always wanted to deeply understand the new energies and how we can use tools like the Codes of Transition to assist us in these ever changing times? Discover the high vibrational Light Language cards through a divinely guided workshop – "Working with the Codes of Transition".

Join me on Saturday 11th May 2019
9:30am – 4:30pm in Nambour

All the information is on my Events Page.

Codes of Transition Codes of Transition, Spiritual Cards

I run sacred meditation circles working deeply with the Codes of Transition in transformational channelled meditations that work with the 12 chakra system.
Assisting in the releasing of blocked energy and belief systems to allow more light to enter our physical bodies.
Please visit the Coffee and Codes page for upcoming meditations.
Discount when you bring a friend.
Coffee and Codes Meditations

Codes of Transition, Spiritual Cards

Visit my events page to see all my upcoming shows. Come down, I'd love to meet you at my next Expo.

Codes of Transition

Codes of Transition

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