Codes of Transition
Codes of Transition
“What beautiful cards R’hishana has created. I have recently been using her guided meditations and found them incredibly beneficial. My general sense of wellbeing has greatly improved and feel there has been a gentle shift in my energy field. Thankyou” - C Dominey, Gold Coast

“Helping people come into their light bodies by releasing blocks within the energy gateways of their chakras”

raise your vibration “12 Days to Raise Your Vibration” is a meditation package incorporating the 12 Codes of Transition and our 12 chakra system. The program will assist to clear blocks within our chakras and energy bodies allowing a deeper connection to your higher self and our Divine Presence, creating healing, awareness and expansion.

Each day you will be guided through a mediation with one of the Codes of Transition’s cards and one of the 12 chakras. As the chakras are cleared, connected and expanded, we are able to gain access to universal consciousness through the energetic gateways held within our chakras.

Join me on a journey of self discovery as we move towards our awakening and connection with the Codes of Transition.

Package can be purchase via the store page, and includes:

  • The Codes of Transition - Light Language Cards and guidebook
  • Instructions on how to use the Codes of Transition
  • Daily Meditation opening and clearing the chakras and energy gateways
  • Working with one of the 12 Codes of Transition to assist in raising your vibration
  • Information on the 12 Chakra System
  • Private Facebook group created to share your experiences
  • $47 - Includes Codes of Transition Pack (Plus Postage and Handling)