Codes of Transition

For me this Master 11 year has definitely been about going within, centering myself, finding out what is important and letting go of all that isn't. And it's been a year of adventure, stepping through the portal of change and embracing every moment. Everything I have read regarding the energy of this Master 11 year, has been about tapping into our wisdom and connecting to our higher power and spiritual purpose. It was a year of new beginnings and endless possibilities. I have loved every moment of this amazing and powerful year.

My Spiritual Journey to Peru

Peru was by far my most exciting and extremely transformational spiritual journey. Like many of us I have longed to see Machu Picchu, to stand in that ancient spiritual place, deep in the mountains and to connect in with the ancestors and the ancient ones of that land.

My beautiful friend Karen, leads the most extraordinary journeys to Peru, (details can be found at the bottom of my Newsletter), with what I loved most is experiencing the real Peru.

During a meditation I had before I left for Peru, St Germaine came through with a message that I was to anchor my Power deeply in Peru, it was to be a simple process, I just had to draw the symbol representing the Power Code 3 times upon the earth. With this message etched deeply in my heart, the journey really started in Peru for me with the trek. We travelled as a small group of Divine Women, with a Master Sharman, an incredible spiritual guide, horsemen, chef, kitchenhands and our tour guide leader Angel. We started the trek early on day 3 of our tour to Peru.

Right from the first few steps on that mountain path, I knew this was going to be something really special. Our Master Shaman, a small, gentle Peruvian man who was 69 and only spoke Quechuan, the local indigenous language; led us along that misty mountain path playing his flute to the mountains and the ancestors as we began to set the rhythm for the next 2 days.

The trek for each of us was a deeply personal and individual process, for although we trekked together, each of us began a deep spiritual journey alone. We were trekking at over 3500m with the altitude affected us all, even though the path was not overly steep, the high altitude certainly made it harder to breathe, walk fast and even sometimes to talk. For some in the group this was an difficult process, simply to breathe and walk, for others they were battling a releasing bout of gastro, for some it was their nerves as they were about the climb over 4500m, others in the group were trekking this path for the second time – having been the year before. Each on their own personal journey in that stunning Andean mountain range.

Our amazing guide was there for each of us at exactly the right moment. He is an incredible Shaman as well as a truly gifted guide, gently assisting us with profound wisdom, guidance and encouragement when we needed it most. He is deeply connected to the mountains, to the land, to the ancestors, to his home. His guidance on that trek, was channeled deeply through his higher self, and was truly a gift to each of us on that walk.
I began to take my cues from nature, noticing the birds on the track. Each and every time the birds spoke to me, I would stop and draw the Power Code into the earth 3 times. I saw many hummingbirds as I climbed up into the mountains, using them and some of the other elusive birds who would shout at me that it was time again to anchor the Code. It was a deep process for me as I spoke to the Mother along the way, thanking her for all the blessings I had had in my life.

One of the most profound things that happened, not long after we started the trek was when I recognising the Grandmother Tree on the path. I choked up with tears as I remembered her, saying to our beautiful guide that 'I know this tree! I know this tree'!

She is a strong and ancient Mother, who has been there for so long and has seen so much. I wrapped my arms around her, crying into her embracing trunk, as our guide pointed out the perfect circular node, where once a branch had been, that was perfectly at my third eye height. He sprinkled the beautiful sacred flower water around me as I leaned my head against this node and began an incredible journey with this ancient Grandmother tree. Waves of divine energy flowed through me, through my chakras, out into my energy bodies as she sent her love deeply into me. She opened the back of my heart chakra to full breath, something I haven't experienced to this magnitude.

I didn't want to leave her, her powerful and majestic presence and I could have quite happily snuggled up against her roots and trunk, laying down in the moss that grew around her and stay right there with her, abandoning the rest of the trek.

I anchored my Power Code at the base of her trunk and began the climb higher into the mountains. We passed through stunning scenery, misty, mossy fairy gardens, through the mountain forests, with trees with coloured flaky bark, walked beside gushing mountain streams and camped the night beside a river in a valley filled with roaming llamas and alpacas.

An early start the next morning to make the pass before the hot mid-day sun. I thought I had seen all the stunning scenery the day before, but with each corner, with each hill we conquered the landscape just became more majestic. We passed incredible lakes, passed mountains, trekked through snow, and wound our way up the final steep, rocky, snowy, twisty path to reach the summit.

It was a moment to celebrate the journey each of us was on, there were tears, laughter, encouragement, photos and cheering as each of us made those last steps to look down in the valley on the other side.

For me one of the most precious moment at the top of that glorious mountain was our beautiful guide, who hugged each and every one of us, whispering deeply to the very core of our soul, a message of love and gratitude for who we were and for the incredible journey we had each made. It was a profoundly touching moment for me, and showed the depth of his spirit and the wisdom of his soul.

Anchoring the new Codes of Divine Light

My intention while in Peru was to deeply anchor the Codes of Divine Light in this beautiful and ancient land. I was so blessed to be journeying with a group of 4 incredible women masters and our spiritual guide, who all assisted me to deeply ground the new Codes of Divine Light in Peru. On our way to Machu Picchu, as we waited in line at 4:30am, each of the 4 beautiful ladies and our spiritual guide from the trek, each chose 2 cards to deeply work with while at this ancient site and their journey in Peru. Our guide found us the most perfect, out of the way spot, overlooking the ancient ruins to begin the anchoring of the Codes of Divine Light. Each of us connected in with the 2 Codes we were working with. Grounding them in within the Earth Mother, drawing the symbol into the earth and then giving thanks for all we had received. It was a beautiful process, watched on by some curious tourists around us.

As I continued my journey through some of the ancient Incan sites around Cusco and on the journey to Lake Titicaca, it felt like I was gathering all my ancient knowledge and gifts left behind over many lifetimes. Always anchoring the Power Code as I went, by the time I was leaving Lake Titicaca and traveling to Amaru Maru, my energy was vibrating extremely high in my hara and I was releasing a lot of energy before I arrived. Amaru Maru is a stargate not far off the Lake, another incredibly high vibrational area of Peru. I was completely activated as soon as I stepped off the bus! Experiencing some quite incredible things as I sat in front of the stargate.

When the group returned from their walk, we again began to anchor the Codes of Divine Light here. Each of us working with the Codes we had been given, as I led a meditation, in that beautiful and extremely sacred site. After the grounding of the Codes, we each entered the columns beside the stargate, asking permission to receive from the gate and then made our way into the shallow doorway.

There is a little carved hole in the stargate, which when you are standing fits perfectly with the hara chakra, and when your kneeling, with the third eye chakra. For me the experience was most powerful when I had my hara on the carved hole. Vast amounts of energy flooded my body, allowing me to have the most incredible experience while standing in the doorway.

The Codes of Divine Light feel incredibly powerful since they have been grounded. I am channeling more and more information on them and the Codes of Transition since my return from Peru. Bringing through new information on where they have come from, about their ancient origins and information on the incredible healing tools that they are. I have also started channeling the meditations that accompany the Codes of Divine Light and feel these will be ready for meditation groups in the next few weeks.

Codes of Transitions Workshops

I am really excited to announce that I have created a Codes of Transition Workshop. Since returning from Peru, my creative juices have really been flowing allowing me to complete my first workshop program. I wanted my soul family to be able to deeply understand the Codes, their energy and frequency, how to use them for healing, especially if you are a practitioner and how to give detailed readings with the Codes. My workshop will run for about 5 hrs (which includes time for lunch), we will find out about light language and what it really is, we will journey with the Codes through meditations during the day, working deeply with each of the Codes, feeling into them and journaling what we experience, and then at the end of the day we will become inspired channels as we create our own Code. The workshop will include morning tea, a workbook and the set of Codes of Transition - Light Language cards. Please contact me for further details and dates on my upcoming workshop.

Etsy Store

I have recently opened an Etsy Store with some fabulous combinations of Codes, Crystals and my Harmony Spritzer, pop over and have a look, they will make fabulous Christmas presents or stocking fillers this year - ETSY STORE

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New Codes of Divine Light Meditations

The Codes of Divine Light feel incredibly powerful since they have been grounded deeply in Peru. I am channeling more and more information about them, where they have come from, about their ancient origins and information on the incredible healing tools that they are. I have also started channeling the meditations that accompany the Codes of Divine Light and feel these will be ready for meditation groups in the next few weeks.

Spirit of Peru Retreats

Here are the details on Karen's Spirit of Peru Retreats. I am joining her again in September as I am really pulled to continue working in Peru with my Codes.

Spirit of Peru Retreat
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