Codes of Transition
I am being deeply guided to bring a group to Peru with me next year to work with the Transformational Codes of Transition.

If your heart is calling you to travel to Peru in a deeply transformational, spiritual journey, working with the 7 levels of wisdom and awakening contained within the Codes of Transition, please email me for more information.

Dates and Itinerary to be confirmed
(19th September – 2nd October 2020 - 13 days approx.)
Travelling to Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca.

My journey to Peru this year 2019

My heart began to sing as I flew over the mountains leaving Lima behind and flying towards Cusco in Peru. I had waited a whole, long, year to again feel the ancient energy of that incredible place. Stepping from the plane, I had the overwhelming feeling of finally coming back home. I had a whole 8 days before the tour with Karen's Spirit of Peru Retreat started and I was being met at the airport by my amazing friend, incredible spiritual teacher and divine guide Manuel. We spent the afternoon planning the week and all the amazing places we would travel to. Only visiting one site each day to ensure energetically we would receive the highest teachings and vibrations for that day.

Killarumiyoq – Temple of the moon, is where we started our journey the next morning. Manuel created a beautiful offering to Pachamama, which was buried under a large rock. We spent hours at this beautiful site, feeling into the energy and allowing all to anchor.
My Facebook Page has all the details of each of the incredible sites we visited around Cusco.

Over the following days we visited, Naupac Ingesia – Old Church, Tipon – Temple of the Water, Pisaq – Temple of the Ancestors, Huchuy Qosqo – Little Cusco; where we were incredibly lucky to be joined by Manuel's Maestro, William, for a beautiful ceremony to Pachamama in the cannon in the mountains. This was an incredible honour for me to have him join us, as I shared the Codes with him. And finally, we visited Qoricancha – the Sun Temple in the middle of Cusco, feeling into the phenomenal energy that still remains there, long after the Sun Disk had been removed.

Each of these incredibly energetic places, opened up amazing experiences for me. I was just so blessed to have had Manuel there to guide me through each of these sites, as he shared the deep wisdom he holds, about both the sites, the history and all things spiritual.

Incredibly there was still a lot more to come, once I joined Karen's group. I have longed to again walk the Lares Track, to reconnect with the Grandmother Tree on the path, to see the Princess Stone and to send my beloved Smokey Quartz Crystal into the depths of Ipsaycocha Lake.

Each of these had a profound effect on me. I created a beautiful crystal offering at the base of the Grandmother Tree, created using jasmine, honeysuckle and fuchsia flowers, selenite crystals laid in a diamond shape, as well as quartz and shells collected from Mooloolaba beach. It was an honouring for the Tree, as I sat there meditating in front of her, as she took me into her sanctuary, in the womb of her Being, allowing me to sit in her ancient energy. I could have stayed sitting in meditation with her all day and maybe one day I will.

It was only a few hours later that I again found the Princess Stone or the Nusta Stone, in the middle of the path. It's an interesting large rock with deep carvings, I blew out the dust and filled the centre with small crystal chips. We gathered around the stone, a divine group of women and sent our energy into the stone. It was a powerful experience.

But the highlight for me was day 2 of the trek, I longed to see Ipsaycocha Lake near the top of the Lares Trek, just below the highest point. It is the most magnificent lake, surrounded by the Masters and Guardian Mountains that guard and protect this beautiful area. The lake contains a beautiful light city, which I have journeyed into many times in my meditations. I had been asked to throw a piece of Smokey Quartz into the lake on my next journey there to anchor my work solidly in Peru. And I always follow instructions, so I purchased a beautiful piece of quartz and worked with it over the next 8 months, putting all my energy and intentions into the crystal.

I created another crystal offering at the lakes edge, throwing small crystal chips into the water as gifts for the Beings in the Lake, meditating and also selecting the Codes for further guidance at the Lake. I felt incredibly sad when I said goodbye and thank you to the crystal before throwing it into the murky depths. But I had been told that there would be a gift of a stone for me as a thank you. Sure enough as I sat by the edge of the lake, a long thin stone caught my eye that was sitting next to me. As I pulled it from the Earth, it had 3 large steps near the top, that had been underground. This was confirmation of the work that I had been doing so far in my pilgrimage, working on my connection to the upper, lower and emotional (heart) planes. It was truly an incredible gift.

I am returning to Peru again next year and this time I will be bringing a group of like minded, spiritual people with me.

It's going to be an incredible journey and I would love to have you join me. We will work deeply with my friend, mentor, energetic healer and guide, Manuel, as we work with the 7 levels of transformation held within the Codes of Transition. Each of the sites we will visit has been specifically chosen and will open us up to our wisdom and awakening on this journey of expansion and transformation.

If this makes your heart sing please contact me for more information, 0437 287 703 or email mefor more details.

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New Codes of Divine Light Meditations

The Codes of Divine Light feel incredibly powerful since they have been grounded deeply in Peru. I am channeling more and more information about them, where they have come from, about their ancient origins and information on the incredible healing tools that they are. I have also started channeling the meditations that accompany the Codes of Divine Light and feel these will be ready for meditation groups in the next few weeks.

Spirit of Peru Retreats

Here are the details on Karen's Spirit of Peru Retreats. I am joining her again in September as I am really pulled to continue working in Peru with my Codes.

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